I have completed Film Studies and Journalism at Jagiellonian University in Krakow as these are my two life passions. Thanks to my education, over 10-year experience and wide interests in world cinema, media and advertising industry I am well prepared to work in these areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a fixer in Warsaw, fixer in Krakow or any other location in the country – I am your Fixer in Poland!

I provide complete, affordable fixing and production services in whole Poland, handling the requests of all shapes and sizes. No matter the character of the project – a complex film/tv production, a sensitive undercover journalist investigation or a commercial shoot – I am here for you. In order to meet your expectations I work with a group of trusted, experienced, English-speaking professionals.

Fixer in Poland:

Fixing and producing for the major international media: The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, Channel 4, BuzzFeed, CBSi, Discovery Channel, Dagbladet, The Irish Times, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Global Post, History Channel, Pro7 and National Geographic among others.
Working with journalists, film, television and corporate crews, photographers, advertisement agencies and freelancers from all over the world (US, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Canada among others).

TV/Film Production (selected projects):

Fixer for “Atombomberne over Danmark” – Dannish documentary TV series telling the story of Cold War plans of nuclear conflict between Warsaw Pact and NATO forces.

Fixer for “The Romantics and US with Simon Schama”BBC documentary series that explores how the romantics created our idea of national belonging, directed by Hugo Macgregor.

Fixer for “Viral: Antisemitism In Four Mutations“, a documentary focused on a global rise of antisemitism, directed by Andrew Goldberg.

Fixer and researcher for “What on Earth?” episodes shot in Poland for Science Channel.

Fixer for “Travel Man” episode shot in Krakow for Channel 4.

Fixer for “Spårlöst” episode shot in Poland for TV4.

Fixer for “Delicious Destinations” episode shot in Krakow for Travel Channel.

Fixer for “Alina Goes East” reality travel show for Finnish national TV.

Fixer and researcher for three episodes of “World’s Most Evil Serial Killers” for Sky.

Fixer for a documentary titled “Le Dragon de Fer” about the China-Spain train shot at the Belarus-Poland border for China Global Television Network.

Fixer for Science Channel TV Series Secrets of the Underground’s Episode 1: “Legend of the Nazi Gold”.

Fixer for a Polish episode of “Talents without Money” reality travel show for Dutch TV.

Local Producer for National Geographic Channel TV Series Nazi World War Weird’s Episode 5: “Hitler’s Lost Gold”.

Assistant Producer for Channel 4 Dispatches episode “Brexit: Who’ll Do Your Job Now?”. The documentary investigates the Polish companies that hire North Korean workers.

ARTE: From January 2012 – January 2013. Drill Baby Drill (dir. Lech Kowalski).
A television documentary that shows the threats and chances of shale gas exploration in Poland and United States.

Assistant Director:
– Research on the global shale gas industry;
– Writing the script and the treatment;
– Organizing the director’s stay in Poland;
– Preparing the shooting locations and finding the people to interview (politics, corporate people, lobbyists);
– Assisting during the shooting.

From September 2008 – December 2012. Holy Field Holy War (dir. Lech Kowalski).
A cinema documentary that shows the state of a traditional agriculture in Poland, after the EU accession. Polish-French co-production.

Assistant Director:
– Detailed research on the pork industry in Poland;
– Contacting the ecological organizations, finding the experts on the subject and the locations to shoot;
– Preparation of the documentation required by Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej (treatment, screenplay, director’s explication). The application was approved;
– Representing director in Poland;
– Organizing director’s stay in Poland, assisting during the shooting.

July – September 2009. China, Who is Afraid About the World’s Enterprise?(dir. Alain Lasfargues).
Television film that researches the impact of the economical crisis on the immigrants in the globalized XXI century reality.

– Detailed research on the situation of Polish immigrants after the economical crisis and on the so-called Polish Plumber myth. Contacting and interviewing the experts on the subject;
– Finding the relevant people and locations to shoot;
– Planning the shooting schedule and organizing director’s stay in Poland;
– Assisting the director during the shooting;
– Coordinating the translation of the Polish parts into French.

April 2008 – May 2009. Themerson&Themerson (dir. Wiktoria Szymanska).
Documentary on the legendary pair of the Polish avant-garde artists, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, their work, life and love. French-English-Polish co-production.

– The Polish version of the script;
– Preparation of the documentation for PISF and TVP (Public Television) (treatment, screenplay, director’s explication). The applications were approved;
– Translating the movie into Polish for Camerimage International Film Festival.

Journalism and Marketing Projects:

PR Manager for Five Flavours Film Festival – Warsaw-located Asian Film Festival named as one of the best world film festivals by TWITCHFilm website (2014-2016).

A contributor to Warsaw Korean Film Festival – programmer, speaker, moderator of panel discussions (From 2015).

A curator of John Woo films’ retrospective on 9th Film Flavours Film Festival. Lecturer, co-author of John Woo catalogue (November 2015).

The Image of the Nation in the New Chinese Cinema –  a lecture on  “The 2nd Academic Conference on China-Central and Eastern Europe Cross-Cultural Dialogue, Education and Business. Societies and Cultures in Transition” in Krakow (September 2015).

The Korean Film Industry in 21st Century – a lecture on “The First Global Creative Industries Conference. From Culture to Business and Vice Versa” in Hong Kong (April 2015).

The fundraising initiative for NGOs whenvisited.com.  Technology Editor.

Lectures on Johnnie To’s films for 7th Five Flavours Film Festival. Co-author of the festival’s catalogue – Johnnie To films’ reviews, an article on the history of Hong Kong cinema.

Lectures on Korean films for Korean Cultural Center in Warsaw (April 2013 – December 2014).

Trendy. Moda i styl życia. Author of “Digital Natives” column.

June 2011 – September 2011.  Znakit.com  Internet Marketing Specialist.
– Author of the marketing strategy for Znak it!;
– Writing the page content, preparing the tutorial videos;
– Creation of the web banners and Google ads for on-line advertising campaign;
– Writing and composing the newspaper ads;
– Optimization of the page content;
– Working with the advertising agencies to optimize the SEO campaign.

Teatr Rozmaitości, Warszawa.
Lectures on the vampire films for the Vampires Film Panorama.

The Internet portal Superfajnapolska.pl.
December 2010 – April 2011. Editor for Film Section.

National Opera, Warsaw.
October 2010. An interview with Sir David Pountney, the director of The Passenger opera. Published in the official opera catalogue.
April 2010. An interview with Mr. David Alden, the legendary opera director. Published in Katya Kabanova catalogue.

The Internet portal Infilm.pl. More Media, Krakow.
October 2007 – April 2008. Editor in Chief of Advertisement Section and Editor of Film Section.
– Creating the website from the scratch;
– Writing news and in-depth articles on a daily basis (in Polish and English). Conducting the interviews with media and film people from Poland and abroad;
– Contacting and cooperating with advertisement agencies, media buyers and film distributors;
– Acquiring video content  (trailers, commercials etc.) and placing it on the portal;
– Participating in advertisement and film festivals/events;
– Composing the Google ads.


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The comment on the Chinese Film Market in 2014 – Centrum Studiów Polska-Azja website
The comment on the Korean Film Market in 2014 – Centrum Studiów Polska-Azja website
Poland – No Country for the Film Production or how the lack of the incentives for international film producers ruins the film production market in Poland – Bloomberg Businessweek Poland
Hallyu Wave (Korean popculture) as the example of the perfect soft power use – Respublica Nowa
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Conception of Inception, Inception of Conception – Analysis of Christopher Nolan film – Stopklatka.pl
John Woo as Film Auteur. The chapter of “Asian Cinema Auteurs”

Translations and subtitles:

– Translations for the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź (from June 2011).
– Translation of Lech Kowalski’s film Rock Soup, for European DVD distribution.
– Translation of Lebanese film Caramel by Nadine Labakifor Gutek Film (for cinema/DVD distribution).
– Translation of over 100 films (documentaries and non-documentaries) for the major Polish film festivals:

  • Krakow Film Festival
  • Era Nowe Horyzonty
  • Off Plus Camera
  • American Film Festival
  • Ale Kino!