Equipment Rental

Are you travelling light and planning to hire film equipment in the destination country? It is not an issue in Poland and the good news is that the equipment rental is cheap here.

Thanks to the professional and well-equipped film rentals, you will find everything you need:

  • cameras;
  • lenses;
  • stands;
  • sound equipment;
  • lights;
  • drones;
  • vehicles;
  • and more.

Equipment rental with Polish Fixer

Contact me and I will provide any professional and semi-professional filming equipment (often with a discount) that you would like to have to execute the shoot in Poland. My team will take care of the logistics to deliver it to the right location on time.

Vehicle rental:

No matter if you need a usual van for a crew, catering truck or a particular model of a vehicle you would like to use for a shoot – I will get it. Let me know your needs when it comes to the vehicle rental and I will make sure it is waiting for you, insured and with a professional driver.