Location Scout

Poland is full of unusual, spectacular movie locations, many of them still undiscovered for cinema and television. You have a chance to be the first to present them to the world! I have spent weeks travelling around Poland, often off the beaten track, and this will help me to find the right filming locations for you.

Filming locations

Poland has four seasons, which makes the country even more attractive and significantly increases its possibilities when it comes to the shooting locations. Awakening to life in spring, sunny in summer, atmospheric in autumn months and hidden under the snow in winter – it’s up to you which Poland you choose.

In the south of the country there are beautiful mountains (not only the famous Tatras), and in the north – wild beaches on the Baltic Sea and spectacular Masurian lakes. To the east, on the border with Belarus, grows the Bialowieza Forest – the last original lowland forest in Europe. There are dozens of dignified bison living there, making the place really unique.

But what lies in between is also worthy of note – modern buildings, elegant houses ready for filming, artsy neighborhoods in the big cities, medieval castles, rapeseed fields untouched by industry, towns whose architecture shows the influence of neighbouring cultures, and numerous testimonies to Poland’s troubled history in the 20th century – Nazi bunkers from which Hitler commanded troops to carry out his sick plan; remnants of the Soviet military presence in Poland, including secret bunkers where nuclear weapons were stored to be used in World War 3!

Poland is the perfect blend of East and West, of modern and old, making it a dream for any filmmaker. As a location scout I will open the doors to this rich and diverse world for you.