Translator Services

Good communication is a must during the shoot as our job is very often talking to a lot of people. Communicating in English may be an issue in Poland – especially out of the big cities, in the countryside, where only Polish is spoken. I offer translation assistance at all stages of the production, translating all the necessary documents, conversations/interviews and subtitles from Polish to English and from English to Polish. Also, I work with the excellent sworn translators if you are in need of such translator services.

Translation assistance

  • translating all the necessary documentation before the shoot – documents, permits, release forms etc.;
  • translating the interviews and conversations during the shoot;
  • translating the Polish dialogues / preparing subtitles with the timecodes (txt and srt formats).

Whether it’s a long-planned interview with a well-known politician, a discussion with the local authorities or a spontaneous conversation with someone you’ve just met during the shoot – nothing will be lost in translation!